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“I was birthed into this world in the high mountains of Colorado and now live in the San Luis Valley in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


Since 1980 I have been involved with personal and professional healing and have dedicated my life to assisting others in their healing. We now live in a very demanding time that for many of us demands the release of the false self or our deep conditioning so we can step into our higher nature without that influence. My commitment is to assist both humans and animals in their healing to release unresolved traumas that interfere with the expression of our higher nature.  The work I am presently doing to accomplish this is called Resonance Alchemy. One of the best aspects about healing with Resonance Alchemy is that it can be done long distance and does not require one-on-one contact and still enables powerful changes to occur within the recipient. I frequently work on people far away from me and these clients see powerful results."  - DeAnna Elliott


"I have been a life long student and seeker of healing. Having been blessed with knowing many teachers, healers and facilitators, I found DeAnna Elliott. I first noticed her complete commitment  and compassion to helping me. As we began to work together, not only was I having incredible healing, complete transforming experiences, unlike any I had ever had, but DeAnna became more than facilitator, she had this type of commitment to being of service that literally kept me going at times. 

 Her intuitive use of Katherine Parker's work using syllables helped shift old thoughts, beliefs and assisted me into going further into myself, and into my healing. She also came to two of my homes, and with her facilitation of clearing and shifting the "feel" and energies of the homes , it also brought about a great change for myself and my life. She if gifted, and incredibly compassionate. I stay in constant gratitude for having found DeAnna, as it she was the healing facilitator I had been seeking for a very long time..." -Julie D., Crestone, Colorado

"I am very happy to offer my experience of DeAnna Elliott and her healing modalities, I have worked with DeAnna's gifts many times over the 25 years I have know her. Her love and commitment to the syllables is quite remarkable! I have just returned from a  wonderful but exhausting 10,000 mile trip from China and DeAnna, in her generosity, offered, immediately, the syllables. I endorse this work wholeheartedly and marvel at the expertise and deftness she brings to her work. My re-entry has been challenging, but day by day her work has been a boon to this body. Much Love to you my friend."

Brahmi Howell, Crestone, Colorado

"DeAnna has facilitated her healing modality on me on several occasions and I have received relief from back pain and more. I experienced two serious auto accidents early on: one while still in my mother's womb and the second shortly after I experienced the umbilical cord being cut prematurely as I entered this realm. I was then abandoned by my mother and argued over by competitive Grandmothers. DeAnna is helping me release the cellular memories that recorded these and other early traumas that shaped my life until recently.

DeAnna is very empathic, compassionate and intuitive and takes time to explain what she is doing after listening intently to what you need help with. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to heal at a level no worldly doctor can facilitate. She is truly a gift to humanity and a wonderful facilitator of deep healing. She is also a wonderful woman and friend to many."

-Michael Agape, Crestone, Colorado

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