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“Cellular Echoes, Environmental Influences in the Journey From the Womb to the World”, is a documentary film I produced to provide a greater understanding of the process of cell memory and how it begins. From the moment of conception, the first cell or the zygote begins recording data from the environment of the mother's body and stores it in the emotional memory center in the brain. The unresolved traumas are stored as well and lead to attitudes and behaviors in the personality. Many pre- and peri-natal experts explain this process. 

In contrast, tribal birth wisdom is also explored in the film to show how they had much advanced understanding as to how to assist the soul to enter into the baby from the very beginning, eliminating many of the birth traumas we encounter in Western society. In addition, I include many case histories to illustrate how the use of infant massage to release these traumas creates a bonding between parent and child that is forever.

Numerous experts in the field of the science of consciousness are featured, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Thomas Verney and Joseph Chilton Pierce. DeAnna traveled the world interviewing indigenous elders from many cultures, some of whom were not willing to share their birthing wisdom publically at that time. A Mini-Documentary on DeAnna's important work is in the early planning stages. Hopefully, the producer can talk DeAnna into sharing what she can about the experiences not in the movie above.


Stay tuned...

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