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Resonance Alchemy


Pleiadian Energetic Healing


This work is about clearing and balancing internal obstacles in the areas of Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and Psychological.


The clearing can go as far back as past lives or one's very conception and formation process.


Once the blockages are identified, the process begins with the practitioner connecting to the spirit guides who assist the individual the session is for, creating a field of support around them. Tapping is done on many different body parts to activate the pathways for change.

The energetic vibrations that come from Resonance Alchemy are applied to a variety of systems in the individual's matrix. These systems include organs, glands, meridians, chakras, nervous system, and the emotional body. The appropriate vibrational sounds coupled with an intention are applied to the identified areas to release blockage and unresolved trauma. Once that has been done, higher light frequency is downloaded into the persons field to enhance their soul blueprint. Integration of the internal change usually takes about three days. After this period of time, people often report feeling tremendously lighter as if a weight has been removed from them and they can navigate their lives with more clarity. Illnesses can be greatly improved, trauma from surgical procedures greatly reduced, including infection, pain, and inflammation. Psychological issues can also be resolved in a systematic approach of clearing and balancing.

As one who has been exposed to many forms of healing, I found this system to be extraordinary for true, lasting healing. It can release and clear many patterns from the unconscious that are so hard to dismantle. In addition, I work with many people and animals post-surgery to reduce infection, swelling and pain. I have found this modality works on our beloved pets as well.

Group Classes and Personal Healing Sessions are Available.

This system was brought through by Katherine Parker. Learn more at

Resonance Alchemy

Long Distance Sessions -


We talk by phone about the issues one wants to clear and arrange a time when you can lay down and I can do the work.


We work with Zoom for the first part of the session to clear blocks that prevent the clearing.  This is done with the Lotus of Life Process taught by Carol Fitzpatrick and her husband Mark. Then we disconnect from video call and I will start the Resonance Alchemy work to assist with a personal clearing of some issue the person is working on.

Afterwards, I will send an email stating all the protocols and intentions used during the session for your review and then you give me feedback on how you feel.


Typically, the process runs for about 3 days and to feel and discern what clears takes some time.  Suggestions for things to look for are:

-Feeling lighter like a burden has been lifted.

-Not feeling as triggered about the issue as before.

$85.00 for 1 ½ hours

Weekly Group
Zoom Sessions

The group meets weekly for about an hour to activate the many applications that Resonance Alchemy has to offer from the personal, spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of the human matrix to assist with upgrading one’s frequency to step into the higher dimensions of these times.

$15.00 each week per participant

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